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Services Offered

I offer a full range of services, on location, throughout all of Southern California. This means that you don't have to spend your time fighting traffic, waiting in line, or sitting in a salon waiting for the woman in front of you to finish while her screaming kids add to your stress. Wherever would be most convenient for you: in your home, on your back porch, the spare room at your office, or at the location of your special event; I come to you and bring all the professional tools that are needed to perfect your look.

My Hair and Makeup Services Include:
  • Wedding Day
  • Pre-Wedding Consultation
  • Ceremony as well as Reception Up-do
  • Bridal Party
  • Family members
  • Engagements Pictures
  • Head Shots
  • Commercials
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Parties
  • Makeover Parties
  • Cut and Color- Who said that is has to be a special day to look your best?

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