while i am a creature of habit, i do love to try new beauty products. i love love love mascara- i think it is the best makeup product ever invented! i have always used and loved l’oreal  voluminous in carbon black. i didnt have any complaints about it, maybe other than when my lashes touch my eyelid, i would have smudges towards the end of the day, especially if its hot out.  just the worst! i felt in the mood to try something else…so i saw that l’oreal came out with a new voluminous (they have about 25 different ones..) well that was the start of my search for a good new mascara… 3 new kinds later, heres how it went:

my standard:

first i tried: l’oreal voluminous false fiber lashes.

this brush felt like a razor. awful. it literally hurt the inside of my eye lid when i applied it. super sharp. it also easily got on my top lid. by my lash line. normally i dont mind this, if im wearing eyeliner because it blends with the liner. my lashes did look fine, but nothing that was worth the con’s.  i think i used those for 2 weeks and could not take it anymore. never again.

second i tried: maybelline mega-plush

mega-plush. more like mega-worst. i thought i would love the fat bristly brush after razor brush, but this brush was so thick that i felt i couldn’t twirl my lashes in it to coat them. also because the bristles are so big and long, it seems impossible not to get it on your upper lid lash line. pet peeve.  i used this for a week and something i noticed is that this mascara does not come off very easily when i wash my face. however at the same time it is really flaky. the base of my lashes would still have mascara on them even after using eye makeup remover. this sets your lashes up for a clumpy start when u apply next. i then got creative when i realized that i think what im most picky about seems to be the brush. so what i did was used my brush from my favorite voluminous carbon black and dipped it in the mega-plush. this was much more successful. also i noticed that the mascara was not leaving smudges where my lashes hit. wohoo. still not my fav.

third i tried: maybelline the falsies

i actually like this brush. its hard to tell from the picture, but one side of the brush is flat with shorter bristles and the other side is rounded with longer bristles. it makes it easy to get the mascara to the roots of your lashes. however it is extremely clumpy. part of it is the way i put it on, i use many coats. you have to be a little bit more careful with how much you put on. i found it helpful to wipe part of the wand off to then separate the lashes a bit more. i definitely did notice a lot of volume and length. just may be a little more work. this one also does not wash off, im thinking it may just be the maybelline brand.

this is where i have ended my hunt. i will try and show some pictures on my eyelashes with each of the mascaras. happy lashes!

When I first met Kelsey for a trial run, I thought- Wow…This will be the easiest job ever. Why? Well, Just look at her. She’s GORGEOUS. And doesn’t really need makeup. Kinda unfair actually. She has the greatest short, super blonde hair cut. The kind that you wish you could pull off. But can’t. She and her equally adorable husband met in Chicago, which is where they live but both are originally from Southern California. The wedding was at the stunning Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach and it could not have been a more beautiful day.

Kelsey wanted her hair in a funky faux hawk, something different than the way she normally wears it. And the sides were super slicked. What a fun hair style! It went great for her veil she wore for the ceremony and even better with the birdcage veil she wore for the reception. Her makeup was natural and minimal believe it or not. She had eyelash extensions put in for the big day and we actually didn’t even use mascara! Unreal! Kelsey had 7 bridesmaids along with hair and makeup for the moms- thankfully there were 3 of us from Nicole Deanne who worked away all day.

Jeannie Savage from Details Details coordinated the wedding and as always did a great job. Many thanks to Joe Latter Photography for the incredible pictures. Joe has been in the wedding business for a long time and has a laid back yet professional personality- great to work with! What a gorgeous event! Congrats Kelsey and Marc!

Please excuse the hideous face I’m making. I was probably holding my breath from the hairspray.

No mascara people. And don’t you wish you could rock hair like that?!

Yes. A painter.

To paint this. Amazing!

Look at that grin!

I just love this.

This is way overdue, I know that. But I really believe this post is better late than never. Why? because its my twin baby sister’s wedding! Taylor and Randy met at church and were married on a beautiful fall day. The ceremony was at an estate that belonged to Randy’s family and the reception was held in our parents backyard. The colors were mustard yellow with grey and a Restoration Hardware light blue. C’mon you know the color. The flowers were some of my favorites. They used the same florist I used for my wedding. Del Langdale used cotton and removed petals from sunflowers and roses for an unique and original rustic look. Incredible!

We have an awesome seamstress who made our (bridesmaids) yellow skirts off of a picture Taylor found in a magazine.  I love the bow and exposed zipper on the backs. Taylor’s friend Leslie made a beautiful head piece with feather and buttons. Her short hair has natural curl to it so it made it easy to soften and glam up the curls. For her makeup we went for a natural look with grey and kept the focus of liner and shadow on her upper lid only. Photography was done by the wonderful John Robert Woods and Gosia Brockmiller.

It was a wonderful day, a day we will all remember. Randy, I couldn’t imagine anyone better for my sister, I love you both. xo

Gettin’ pretty

Lace added from our grandma’s wedding dress

Check out the awesome exposed zippers on our skirts!

May be my favorite sequence of first look pictures.

The clan of close friends and cousins

Sisterly love

Handsome gents (and amazing cotton boutonnieres)

Because everyone has a swing in their backyard

Just. Love.

La Familia

Rose and Sunflower centers without petals.

The delicious red velvet cake made my Randy’s aunt. And the delicious dinner was from Richard Jones. Best brisket west of Texas.

Unreal cheese and fruit spread..YUM!

Katie was such a wonderful bride to work with. She was easy going, cool, sweet, funny, beautiful and so much more. Oh, and she has curly hair. Which is partly why she hired me, since I am the expert. Katie and Tyler met on a plane while traveling to Europe. No, really, it does happen. While they live in Seattle, both are originally from Southern California. The wedding took place at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, which was funky and organic and fit their personality perfectly.

Katie wanted her hair curly and loosely pulled to the side in a bun-ish do. I like to use the term “bumpy.” I understood, she understood and it turned out beautiful. For her makeup, I used different shades of golds and a extra pink cheek with her porcelain skin. She looked flawless!

My job is especially awesome when I get to be with awesome people all day. Katie and her bridesmaids were some of those people. Thank you guys for letting me be a huge part of your special day! xo

Thanks to Ariel and Josh from Anika London for the great pictures!

It was a beautiful day in July at a beautiful venue in Malibu. The Villa Cascata was one of the most gorgeous, elaborate venues I have seen in Malibu. It was a perfect location for Laura and Omkar’s double ceremony day. Yes, double with 2 different outfits. They had both a traditional ceremony and a Hindu ceremony. The wedding was a destination wedding for most of the guest. They traveled from the mid west, England and India. The daystarted with Laura in her traditional wedding dress wanting her hair half up with soft curls. Her makeup was very natural. After the first ceremony, guest enjoyed a cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvre’s. Laura then changed into a beautiful, traditional Indian lehenga with unbelievable jewelry. Her hair stayed the same for the Hindu ceremony. She later changed back into her wedding dress for the reception and we put her hair up in a low bun. Thanks to Jen and Nate of B&G Photography for capturing the unforgettable colors and details of the day.

I really could not live with out anything I bring for a wedding, however these are my essentials that I use for every event, no matter what. And the great thing is that you don’t have to be a bride to get these things for yourself. I trust you will love them all the same.

First. My HerStyler Flat Iron. I use this for every event, to curl. Yes to curl. If you haven’t figured out that your flat iron curls as well as straightens, it is your lucky day. I use it over a curling iron for 2 reasons.

A. Its way hotter that a curling iron. So therefore B. It holds the curl a lot longer. Which is essential when your hair is down and you need your do to last all night. You can control the amount of curl with it too, so Its versatile.

Can I just say that I really do not like pink, but this is cute right? And it was the only color they had when I bought it.

I use this for down do’s as well as updo’s

Second. Aquage Freezing Spray and Finishing Spray. These 2 are life savers. They are both a fine mist that DO NOT get sticky. One of hairsprays biggest downfalls. They hold well without the rock hard feeling and add shine. Love this product.

Third. My teasing comb. Some people get freaked out by teasing, and others love it. I promise not to make you look like Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, but if your want some volume in your hair, you got to have a little tease. I always tell my clients that it is easier to tame it down when its bigger than to try and poof it up in the end.  I tease almost every brides hair, regardless of how they are wearing it. A lot of times you wouldn’t know it- which is the point.

I love this comb more than a rat tail comb because the bristles allow you smooth the topside of the hair better.

There is the same amount of teasing for both brides, just different amounts of taming.

Fourth. Nars blush in Orgasm. AWWKWAARD. Really is the worlds greatest color. Sort of a peach with pink with a slight shimmer that makes you look dewey. I love dewey! This color is great on ANY skin color.

Fifth and Last, but certainly not least. L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. I live for this mascara. Its not just Black, Its Carbon Black. I use it on everyone and its better than anything you can find at Nordstroms. Seriously. It defines and gives volume and it’s waterproof. If you don’t own this- get it NOW and thank me later.

(P.S. It’s cheapest at Target)

Sean is one of my brother-in-laws (My sister’s husband…) best friends. Him and Talitha could not be more perfect together. They are a couple who likes to goof around and have a good time. I was thrilled when Talitha asked me to do her hair and makeup, since I had done it for her a few times as a bridesmaid. She is a natural beauty as you can see, who didn’t much help looking beautiful. Her hair is about shoulder length and she wanted it loose and to the side. This gave the illusion that she had longer hair. Her makeup was soft and natural with a light, matte nude lip. LOVED it! The perfect compliment to her beautiful smile and adorable dimples. They were married at the Heritage Museum on a beautiful day in June. I think John Robert Woods captured the day just perfectly. Congrats you crazy two!! Xoxo

I just LOVE first glance pictures…

Love it!

I love a good love story. And these two have one. You could say we’ve all been looking forward to this day for years now. Mike is one of our best friends. We all met in college. Briana even went to school with us, but her and Mikes paths never crossed. Some 7 or so years later, back in the city where we all first met, Mike and Briana “meet” at church. It was an instant connection and we all knew that they were perfect together. One big reunion weekend with all of our closest friends, celebrating a very special day.

I was so thrilled when Bri asked me to to do her hair and makeup. I felt honored and excited because I knew she would be a beautiful bride. I was right. She wanted her hair in a loose, low side bun. She had an AWESOME head piece that would compliment the opposite side of the bun. Her makeup was natural, yet stunning. It didn’t take much for Bri to look beautiful. I used taupe’s and some pinks to enhance her blue eyes.

They were married on a warm afternoon in June at the Joseph Filippi Winery and Vineyards in Rancho Cucamonga. Many thanks to Erica and Tammy from Erica Leann Photography for the wonderful pictures.

Mike and Briana’s story is one of God’s grace, second chances and redemption. We couldn’t be happier for you two! Much love! Xoxo

Pure beauty.

Handsome groom.

I LOVE first look pictures. Captures a thousand emotions.


Perfection. The lighting was AMAZING!

College friends for life.

Typical them. Love it.

Me and the gorgeous bride.

Congrats to you two! Love you so much!

Monique and Adam’s wedding was one of my favorites ever, and you can see why. Their wedding was featured in Ceremony Magazine as well as on California Wedding Wave! Thanks again to Marianne Lozano for wonderful photos!

{Their Love Story}

A chance meeting and missed connection at the airport in Paris merged the souls of Los Angelean Monqiue and Ohio native Adam. It’s only appropriate that the world traveling couple would romantically meet up for their engagement. In the spring of 2009, Adam flew into Los Angeles from Tokyo while Monique came in from New York City. While at the home of Monique’s dear friend, Adam proposed to Monique in the presence of those closest to them.

{Details of Distinction}

Two ceremonies in one day created a celebratory ambiance. A Cambodian wedding included the wearing of four traditional outfits, while a second western ceremony had a modern beach vibe.

{Location} The Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica
{Photography} Marianne Lozano Photography
{Coordinator} Wedding Jeannie
{Linens} Glow Concepts
{Lighting} Advanced AV LC
{Stationery} Lion in the Sun
{Cake} Vanilla Bake Shop
{Favors} Linnea Design
{Gown Designer} Atelier Aimée
{Bridal Salon} Glamour Closet
{Hairpiece & Veil} Vie Moderne
{Bridal Shoes} Jimmy Choo
{Hair & Makeup} Carlie B.
{Formal Wear} Hugo Boss
{Wedding Rings} Tacori
{Gift Registries} The Registry at Bloomingdale’s

I assisted Nicole with this amazing wedding in Palm Springs. Sarah and Gabe were married and the super cool Viceroy. The brides hair and makeup were simple yet elegant. Nicole did a wonderful job! Sarah had the most beautiful Vera Wang dress with antique touches. Her makeup and hair tied all this together perfectly. You can tell this bride has awesome style. The bridesmaids chose to have their hair up or down and they all looked fab, I must say! Congrats to Sarah and Gabe! Looks like it was a great night!! Nicole and I also had a blast! Thanks to Amelia Lyon for the pics!