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About Carlie

At an early age, I developed a love for hair and makeup as I visited my grandparent's salon. My own styling began in school when I would do all the girls' hair for prom and evolved into an artistic passion that has resulted in over 10 years experience in hair and makeup. I truly believe it is an art bringing lines and shapes together to form a beautiful portrait. I work with the natural contours of your face, head, and neck to create a look that compliments your innate beauty and does not cover up the radiance that makes you special. Living in Los Angeles, and having clients from Manhattan Beach to Orange County, I am well acquainted with the current trends and yet pride myself in bringing a unique and classy look to everyone that I style.

I have experience working with people of all ethnicities and am comfortable working with a diversity of skin tones and hair textures. Just as everyone is unique, my approach to every style is unique and my commitment is to achieve your dream look.

Whether it be the wedding that you have waited your whole life for, or the headshots that will give you your big break, I understand the pressure and stress that is prevalent on your big day. Through it all, I will be a calming presence lending my expertise and a listening ear providing an atmosphere that will allow you to relax and enjoy your time.

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